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DVABPSI STUDENT MEMBER BENEFITS Subscription To and Opportunity To Publish In:

  • The Mashariki Gazeti (Eastern Region newspaper)

  • Psych Discourse (the new journal of ABPsi)

  • The Journal of Black Psychology

    Opportunities To Present At Regional and National Professional Gatherings

  • Monthly (4th Wednesday of every month) Professional Development Seminars

  • ABPsi annual conference (

  • Psychology Career Day

    Professional Referrals (If you are eligible)

  • Listed on DVABPsi Web page

  • E-mail and phone referrals from members

    Professional Development

  • Free monthly Professional Development Seminars

  • Opportunity to publish and participate in research

  • Psychology Career Day

    Professional Membership in a Regional Organization

  • DVABPsi covers Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Southern New Jersey

  • ABPsi is an international organization

    Networking and Jegnaship (Mentoring) Opportunities

  • Talk with psychologists, psychology graduate students and psychology undergraduate students

  • Jegnaship (Mentoring) for academics, licensing, and placements/internships

  • Psychology Career Day

    Paid Consulting Opportunities

• DVABPsi grants and projects Leadership Opportunities

• Eligibility to serve on a committee

9-22-2020 DVABPsi, P.O. Box 622, Westttown, PA 19395-0622 Dr. Ayo Maria Gooden, President 267-282-1062

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