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Mental Health Resources by DVABPsi Members 

Ayo Maria Gooden

A Single Bracelet Does Not Jingle: Finding Your Ideal Love Partner, Making Love Last and Ending Unhealthy Relationships; A Multi-Racial Examination of Love Relationships.

African Americans, European Americans, and Pathological Stereotypes: An African-Centered Perspective. In Psychology of Culture, Williams, M. T., Gooden, A. M., & Davis, D. (2012). G. R. Hayes & M. H. Bryant

Judy Benjamin Henderson

Entrepreneurial Ministry: The Catalyst to Community Social Change.

Resources and Products by DVABPsi Family Members and Supporters


Amon Gooden

Check This Out:  A Brief Look at World Mysteries and Rarely Told Histories–A book dealing with ancient wonders designed to inspire an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

Warren Gooden

AGURZIL an organic ointment from a plant that works on healing herpes 1 & 2, Shingles (stops the pain immediately), Chicken Pox, cold sores, prevention of moles.

Darrell Q. Slade

The Alarm Clock: The Essence of Moving In Silence. A book about the challenges faced by a teenager when his mother dies of cancer.

Book of Rhymes

Leah P. Hollis

Bully in the Ivory Tower: How Aggression & Incivility Erode American Higher Education

Bully Beyond the Tower: A Collection of Peer Reviewed Essays on Workplace Bullying

Unequal Opportunity: Fired without cause? Filing with the EEOC

Ms. Jasmine Hollis

The Consequence of Invisible Scars: Recognizing Childhood Emotional Abuse

Charles L

Charles, L. (2021). Mama’s Here Daddy’s There.  Books Speak for You Publishing

Charles, L. (2021). My Auntie is a Social Worker!  Books Speak for You Publishing

Charles, L. (2021). The One and Only King Alexander.  Books Speak for You Publishing

Omon, A.U. (2021). Citizens for a National Maat Public Policy. BCP Digital Printing, Inc. Baltimore, Maryland.

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