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From our National ABPSi President: Dr. Theopia Jackson: A letter to Membership

From our DVABPsi President: Dr. Tashekah Smith....


Hotep DVABPsi Family, 

   First I would like to thank (Asante) Dr. Ayo Maria Gooden for her leadership and pioneering spirit over the past two years, it is with her direction that the organization grew and accomplished our goals (see December's Directions for highlights). Our vision for DVABPsi includes increasing our membership, continuing the work that Dr. Gooden started, and being a beacon of hope and healing for the Black community. We are healers, educators, community leaders, business owners, writers, and the list goes on. We aim to welcome additional members from various professions into DVABPsi in order to continue building a community of Black professionals who are united, committed, and dedicated to DVABPsi.

   I am a Clinical Psychologist who is employed in the public sector, I have been a member of DVABPsi throughout my undergraduate studies through my post-graduate life. I have been mentored by a DVABPsi member who is one of the most superb Elders who taught me about life, the mental health profession, this organization, and humanity. My mentor provided encouragement and celebrated me as I accomplished my goals.  

   As a student member of DVABPsi I recall meeting with my mentor on a monthly basis, attending the monthly meetings, and learning from the professionals at the educational seminars. This experience was a catalyst for my profession as a psychologist. As a young woman who was uncertain about her path at the time, I knew human services was my passion, however, this organization assisted with boosting my passion for psychology, and for that, I am eternally grateful. My optimism and gratitude make me motivated to sustain the mission of this organization as we aim to instill the same passion and provide similar support to our student members. This organization helped me to develop as a professional and is my family. It is with great honor and responsibility that we (the Executive Board and I) continue moving the organization forward with the hard work and support of the pillars of the organization--all of our members.

   Thank you very much (Asante Sana) to the members of the Executive Board--Dr. Ayo Gooden (Immediate Past President), Dr. Ingrid Tulloch (Vice-President/President-Elect), Dr. Janice Hoffman Willis (Founding President and current Secretary), Dr. Faruq Iman (Past President, Editor and current Treasurer), Dr. DeBorah Gilbert White (Directions editor and Public Relations Committee Chair), Mr. Coleman Holmes (Community Outreach Chair), Dr. Ferlin Charles (Student Affairs Co-Chair), Ms. Rashidat Antonio (Student Affairs Co-Chair), and our growing membership body. It would take several days to list the names and contributions of all of our members. Know that we adore you, appreciate your work, and could not do this work without you all, Zola up!

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