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                                                 April 2022
     Welcome to DIRECTIONS the monthly online newsletter of the Delaware Valley Association of Black Psychologists (DVABPsi). We look forward to providing our readers with pertinent information to support, encourage, and uplift our community and those who serve the community. The goal of DVABPsi is to make a positive impact on Black Mental Health today and in the future. 
    DeBorah Gilbert White, Ph.D.- Editor                    Ayo Marie Gooden, Ph.D.- Co-Editor





                                                      President's Message:  

                                                      Dr. Tashekah Smith

                                                      Delaware Valley Association

                                                      of Black Psychologists














Hotep DVABPSi Family, 

      It is an interesting season in our lives. Our society and mental health professionals alike are experiencing higher rates of mental health issues and burnout as we cope with stressors. There is also a bigger focus on our health and well-being considering the toll of the pandemic.

     The "National Minority Health Month's" focus is on the well-being of Blacks and other communities of color. This year there are individuals involved in promoting Covid-19 vaccines and boosters to improve physical health, however, do remember the other ailments that tend to affect our community more frequently than others--some include hypertension, diabetes, sickle cell anemia, asthma; especially since it was noted that the goal is to reduce health disparities.

    Furthermore, Black mental health is not typically discussed. Blacks suffer from mental illnesses and sometimes find it difficult to seek care due to stigma, health, and economic disparities. The Delaware Valley Association of Black Psychologists aims to bridge the gap and provide assistance/resources for mental health care.

Use this month's focus as a reminder to take care of your physical and mental health. Take care of yourself and each other. See our website for mental health resources and contact us any time.

We look forward to seeing you at our monthly meetings and Mbongis!


Dr. Smith









      Founded in 2016, The Black Brain Campaign (BBC) is the vision of Farida E. Boyer and Jaynay C. Johnson to increase the number of Black Licensed therapists.  The campaign offers opportunities for training, supervision, and clinical experience for people interested in or working in mental health. The BBC provides free therapy treatment and assists, Black clinicians, in completing Pennsylvania’s licensure requirements for Marriage & Family Therapy, and Professional Counseling as well as assisting Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists in becoming Approved Supervisors with the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapists. At its core, the work of The Black Brain Campaign is to advocate for better mental health by reducing stigma and increasing resources in an effort to encourage members of the Black community to seek mental health treatment. Overall, the campaign is geared to help the community learn more about mental health and to ensure that services are provided in ways that promote and support cultural considerations.  The BBC motto is “Removing the stigma of mental health through community education and advocacy.” To connect with them and to learn more visit The Black Brain Campaign – Eradicate the stigma of mental health in the black community!












* Information adapted from an article in Philadelphia Magazine Mental Health Resources for the Black Community in Philly ( Submitted by Cole Holmes, Chair, Community Relations Committee.

                                                                           My Brother's Keeper  (MBK) Cares


To promote mental health awareness, suicide awareness, and suicide prevention through faith-based initiatives, community and business collaborations, art therapy, mentorship & educational outreach, fitness programs, and counseling resources. 

This community organization was founded by Ihsan Hines after the death by suicide of his brother. Located in Philadelphia, PA, the group aims to provide resources that will inform and improve the mental health of all community members. My Brother's Keeper Cares held its first virtual sessions in 2020 in response to the pandemic. Known as "Wellness Wednesday" the sessions provided hope and assisted people to find solutions to a better quality of life. View the first season of 13 weekly episodes on the MBKCARES YouTube Channel.  To learn more about MBK Cares mental health outreach visit My Brother's Keeper Cares (

* Information adapted from an article in Philadelphia Magazine Mental Health Resources for the Black Community in Philly ( Submitted by Cole Holmes, Chair, Community Relations Committee.





      The vision of The Ladipo Group is to be a premier provider of Therapy services and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion consulting. They work with individuals and organizations to elevate the Black experience at home, at work, and in the world. The Ladipo Group is a Black-owned company dedicated to the emotional wellness of Black and African-American people and communities.


      Tonya Ladipo began The Ladipo Group in 2004 after being consistently unsettled by the white-centric one-size-fits-all approach to counseling, which fundamentally ignores the needs of Black clients. That’s why she and her team of licensed therapists offer a wide range of Black-focused therapy services — individual, marriage and family, and child/adolescent — with compassion, cultural awareness, and empathy.

    There has been a stigma associated with therapy and mental health support for many generations in the Black community. The Ladipo Group was founded to increase access to Black therapists and decrease the stigma of mental health treatment. The group's work is with Black and African-American individuals, couples, and families, and also addresses workplace stressors. Clients' mental and emotional health connected to persistent microaggressions, blatant and subtle instances of bias, and discrimination are central to the care provided.  To learn more about The Lapidpo Group visit Home - The Ladipo Group.

* Information adapted from an article in Philadelphia Magazine Mental Health Resources for the Black Community in Philly ( Submitted by Cole Holmes, Chair, Community Relations Committee.










             Sacoiya Johnson   




                    I was looking, searching,

                    and now I've found a beautiful thing,

                   called happiness,

                   it gives off love, life and light that shines so bright,

                   that fills me up with joy, and overwhelming excitement,

                  like a star caught up in the midnight sky,

                  or butterfly that flies so high,

                  maybe even a flower that blooms, 

                  just to show off its true colors,

                 and a heart that pumps out love,

                 that's what happiness will bring, 

                 because that's what it has given to me


My world is crumbling before me,

The people around me are tearing each other apart,

Chicks pulling each other's hair out over petty drama that really doesn't matter,

And guys,

Guys shooting,

Killing and beating the crap out of each other over drugs,

Lust and for their so called "fam",

All this I don't understand,

I'm seeing but not knowing,

Unnoticing of why our land has went into such a rage,

Could it be the hard work that our ancestors put into this country and time spent in this world,  

Was all wasted?


So now we are leading ourselves into a path full of anger and disaster,

Causing us to eat ourselves alive,

Which I find to be a shame,

Because what good is hard work,

If it was only meant to build up into destruction?

Sacoiya Johnson is a young poet residing in Wilmington, DE.  Selections are from her book "How I Survived Middle School- A Poetry Collection". She can be reached at














    Join The Association of Black Psychologists                   ( and DVABPsi. 

  Make your contribution to healing our people!











Free CEs for Licensed Psychologists and

Act 48 Hours for Educators


Advertising Products (Books, Research, etc)


Afforded the Opportunity to Present your Books

or Research during our monthly Mbongis


Mentoring for Graduate Students


Community Partnerships and Involvement


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Opportunity through a Partnership to get

Supervision for Licensure


Will advertise your Workshops/Training or Business

to Members and other Mental Health Professionals



JOIN The Black Health Trust every Sunday 12:00 pm PDT/3:00 EDT
 Visit for updates and more information.


















                                                A CALL FOR PAPERS

Calling all articles (scholarly, opinions, etc.) about Africa, Africans, African Americans, psychology, advertisements, events, poetry, quotes, and announcements. The Mashariki Gazeti (MG) is published twice (i.e. September and March) during the fiscal year (i.e. August to July). Submission deadlines are August 15th and February 15th.

Advertisement Rates

Advertise employment opportunities, business ventures, office space, conferences,
business cards, trips, and other events. Our circulation reaches over 300 people in
Boston, New York, New Jersey, Delaware Valley (i.e. Philadelphia and

surroundings), and Washington, D.C.
$100.00 – full page
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$15.00 – business card

Advertisements must be camera ready. Make checks or money orders payable to:

Dr. Faruq Iman

Articles, etc. Submission

Please submit all articles, ads, etc. to:
Faruq T.N. Iman, Ph.D., C.H.P., Editor

1301 N. 54 th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19131-4307

(215) 921 – 2557

Opportunity to Advertise in DIRECTIONS Newsletter 
Advertisements can be submitted for review and publication at least three weeks before the next month's issue along with a check, money order payable to Delaware Valley Association of Black Psychologists (DVABPsi), or online payment.    Advertisement rates are as follows:
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Members of DVABPsi are encouraged to submit articles, poems, announcements,  quotations, employment opportunities, and information related to undergraduate,   graduate, and post-graduate programs in psychology.  Currently, we are seeking Guest Contributors for 2022.  Members of DVABPsi are invited to be Guest Contributors. Please submit a short bio and photo with articles. Related pictures and graphics can also be submitted with articles. Contact the DIRECTIONS Newsletter team for additional information at
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